This Conversation Actually Happened, Part I

My Mom answers the phone this afternoon, and sounds out of breath.

M: I’m sorry, honey.  I’m doing my yoga on the Wii. Amistad!

K: What did you just say?

M: Amistad.  Like that thing they say when you do yoga.  Like, ‘do the downward dog, AMISTAD.’

K: Amistad was a Spanish slave ship, Mom.

M: Shit. (Still breathing heavily.) That’s the movie with my boyfriend! (Djimon Hounsou)

K: It’s “namaste”

M: What are you talking about?

K: The word is “nah-mah-stey”, not Amistad.  Jesus.

M: OK, well NAMASTAD to you too.

K: Right, ok.  Just to let you know, I sent you some funny YouTube videos of people projectile vomiting.

M: (SQUEAL, like she literally squealed) I LOVE those!  Remember the first time you called me from college?

K: Not really.

M: You told me you’d gone to a party and saw a guy projectile vomit.  I was so happy for you.


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