• 5 ways you break the ice

OK, I’m confused.  Breaking the ice w/ someone on MARTA (as IF)?  Someone cute?  Let’s go with that one.

1. Make a comment about their attire.

2. Tease them.  Big into verbal sparing, so if I can say something witty and get it back, the ice is broken.

3. Make a comment about the surroundings.  Ex: If standing next to someone outside, and noticing some insects or creatures around the perimeter, I would say something like, “Is this the Amazon rainforest?” 

4. Ask them a question about themselves.  Anyone (no matter what the fuck they say) loves to talk about themself.

5. I would be over it at this point.

  • 5 signs that you’re into someone

1. I tease or make fun of you.  Sure, this possibly accounts for 96% of the population, but I’ll remember specific shit that you say or do and bring it back at the most opportune of times to try to make you laugh. 

2. Stare at your mouth while we’re talking.

3. I play slap or punch you (but not too hard *TWSS, KS).  With my well-known distaste for most physical contact (respect my fucking bubble) if I actually touch you, you’re golden.  And I’m not doing it because Cosmo said it’s cool or flirty.  It’s just something I do.

4. I talk about you in front of my parents.  Regularly bring you up in conversation.

5. I allow you (or my Dad or uncle shows you—they got jokes showing boys this stuff) to see the most embarrassing videographic evidence of my childhood: my commercial and the “music video” (term used loosely) of me lip synching to “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” in turquoise Bongo jeans.


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