Danny’s Greatest Hits

When I’m not putting on makeup and mixing different concoctions and elixirs to spread on my person, I like to pay attention to my child.  (That’s actually what I do first, CPS, since I know I make too many jokes, like saying I’ll educate Danny about nature with the Honeybadger video.  It’s just a joke, STUPID.)

Per usual, he’s been very amusing.  Some of my favorite quotes from this week:

“Is that an adult?  Why is she so little?”- after seeing Snookie on TV

“That is so beautiful.” -looking up at his Marvel Superhero’s poster

“That is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in a while!” – said after completing a particularly difficult move on Lego Batman (Wii game)

“Finally!  I’ve been waiting twenty minutes. UGH.” – apparently, I’d taken five (not twenty) minutes to bring him his beverage (promptly earning him a time out)

And in no particular order, things he does when he knows he’s in trouble to make me laugh:

*the moonwalk

*the robot (which hasn’t progressed to the level I would like–imagine rigid karate-ish chops of the hand while pivoting the lower body)

Dancing is a big one.  He’s all:

*reaching out and “honking” my lady lumps (hi again, CPS!)

*turns his head super slowly, just like this:

Thanks to my boo Robert for that lovely image.  I just figured out how to insert gif’s!!! (Next, how to forward an email!)

Can you believe he’s going to start pre-K on Monday?  Let me go fill a bathtub with all my tears.


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