I Know It’s Uncomfortable

But open your eyes:

From the Innocence Project

*There have been 273 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States.

*The first DNA exoneration took place in 1989. Exonerations have been won in 34 states; since 2000, there have been 206 exonerations.

*17 of the 273 people exonerated through DNA served time on death row.

*The average length of time served by exonerees is 13 years. The total number of years served is approximately 3,524.

*The average age of exonerees at the time of their wrongful convictions was 27.

Races of the 273 exonerees:

166 African Americans
81 Caucasians
20 Latinos
2 Asian American
4 whose race is unknown

It’s easy to look away and not care about shit like this until it’s someone YOU know.  And not for nothing, but the way I teach Danny not to hit other people isn’t to punish him by hitting or spanking him.  Small comparison, but we’re talking about someone’s life here.  Let’s think about what justice really means.

Racism is alive.  The media is obsessed with pretty and white Casey Anthony who is walking free today, yet a potentially innocent (and yes, I’ve read for hours about the case, most of those who testified against Troy Davis recanted their statements, one says he was forced into signing something saying Davis shot and killed the officer, yet he was illiterate and couldn’t understand what he was signing).

I’m scared.

“I did not personally kill your son, father and brother,” Davis said to the MacPhail family before he was executed. “I am innocent. “


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