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People Looked Like Robots and Jamie Foxx Did The Running Man: Grammy’s 2010

February 1, 2010

OK, first of all, this (forward to 3:19, sorry for the work).

If I had TiVo, I would have rewound that about a million times.  Jamie Foxx is on the Grammy stage, somewhere that wonderfully renowned and talented artists have performed, and he does the fucking running man? C’mon, SON.

Other highlights:

  • My kid loves Lady Gaga.  Of course he does.  My friend Julia says, “Only your kid would love Lady Gaga.” Let’s all remember he is two. And male. And very strange. He saw a Chihuahua the other day and said, “Lady Gaga the Chihuahua”.  He squealed louder than when he was opening his presents at Christmas when she came on.
  • When I was ten or so, I got the worst stiff neck ever. One of our neighbors was a physical therapist, and when my Mom called her said, “It must be from her dancing yesterday. She was swinging her neck around.” Kind of like Beyonce’s performance. We used to choreograph dances in the grassy areas of Lake Village, but none that sassy.
  • Was it me, or did they start the STFU music super early during acceptance speeches?  People barely even got to thank God. Or breathe once.
  • I wished Taylor Swift would’ve joked about the Kanye thing when she got her first Grammy.  Everyone was looking around for him like he was “that relative” at the wedding or funeral that embarrasses the shit out of everyone. I happen to love those relatives.
  • I liked the Black Eyed Peas performance, and my kid loves those fuckers.  Although I will admit their music is catchy, they do piss me off. I remember BEP’s before Fergie, in a time where real estate was doing well, FSU football was actually decent, and when one of the members had straight up American Indian braids. They’ve sold out.
  • Dave Matthews is so wonderful.  He’s like a warm hug and a cashmere sweater.  There’s something so relatable about him, and I smiled every time I saw him.
  • Who was that random woman on the stage with Jamie Foxx? George says, “Is that Precious?”
  • During something, a camera panned to the audience and I thought I saw the Statue of Liberty.  It looked like those poor people who stand on the street with foam liberty headbands who hold “IT’S TAX TIME” signs.  But it was just Gaga.

Having seen Lady Gaga twice, Danny had his fill of the Grammy’s and demanded to watch cartoons.  Break my heart is what he did.